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Paddle Boarding -A Complete Guide


Are you in Florida? Do you want to do paddleboarding? Have you found a spot for paddleboarding in Florida yet? No worries, go through this article to find the spots and some useful tips and tricks for paddleboarding.

Talking about paddleboarding a question must arise in everyone’s mind: is paddleboarding hard? Can we do paddleboarding? The simple and sweet answer to all these queries is yes you can. Everyone who has knowledge of swimming and paddleboard equipment can do paddle boarding.

However, you can explore the Florida state discussion board to know and get professional advice about paddle boarding in Florida. We have mentioned some tips and tricks for you about paddle boarding making your trip to Florida more enjoyable and memorable. But before jumping to the tips and tricks let’s get to know what paddleboarding is.

What is paddle boarding - Let's read!

Paddleboarding is a water sport in which you have to float in water using a board and a paddle, the person has to kneel to propel the board forward.

There are two ways to paddleboard one is Stand Up Paddle Boarding and the other is paddleboard while you are sitting. The equipment required for paddleboarding is a board and a paddle and you are ready.

If you are a tourist or a local who doesn’t want to spend extra bucks on the equipment then you can explore the wing foiling discussions forum to get the used wing foil and paddleboard equipment.

Tips & Tricks for Paddle Boarding

Are you efficient enough with your paddling technique or not? There are some tips and tricks you need to follow to paddle efficiently. Let’s read!

  • Look forward while paddling -Keep your head up this will improve your balance and keep you steady while paddling.

  • Hold The Paddle Correctly -Hold it above your head and make a right angle with your elbows and you will be paddling correctly.

  • Keep Your Back Straight -Engage your core muscles to help with this.

  • Paddle Vertical -For efficient paddling, you need to paddle vertically so if you stack your hands on top of each other and push your top hand on top of the rail of the board. This creates a solid foundation and helps you move in a straighter line this way you have to switch sides too often when you are paddling but it also adds power to your stroke as you have to engage those larger muscles.

Spots For Paddle Boarding In Florida

Here are a few spots in Florida where you can do paddle boarding.


The marvelous world of Weeki Wachee Springs is located in Spring Hill Florida, at the intersection of S.R.50 and Hwy.19. It is 45 minutes north of Tampa and 2 hours west of Orlando.

It is a paradise for paddleboarding where you can paddleboard in shallow and deep clear water.

You need to make a reservation prior to your visit to WEEKI WACHEE SPRINGS park to avoid disappointment. If you are bringing your own kayak the price is $6 to float and $5 dollars to return the shuttle if needed. But if you wanna rent the park’s kayak then the rental prices are $35 for a single and $45 for a double.


WEKIWA SPRING STATE PARK is located 20 minutes north of Orlando off Interstate 4 and exit 94 near Altamonte spring and Longwood. You can rent standup paddleboards for $30 for 1st hour, $45 for 4 hours, and $75 all day. It will be a crazy ride to paddleboard along with alligators and you can observe wildlife as well.


RAINBOW SPRING STATE PARK is located 41.3 miles north of Dunnellon in the state of Florida. It is a beautiful place where you can paddleboard and camp.

Also, you can go through the Florida message board or key west forum to ask and get to know the spots for paddle boarding in Florida and expert tips that would be helpful while paddleboarding.

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