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My name is Paul Menta, i am 56 years old and have been kiteboarding for about 26 years. Been around the world a few times, been to many spots , trained instructors, and have had the time of my life Kiteboarding!

I started Wing foiling 2.5 years ago. Now i had been foiling on a kite in recent years and had done a bit in Maui in 2000 as well. Let me say that my ego and expectations of doing this very fast and easy were blown up when I started. 

I got my ass handed to me!

Besides becoming addicted to the sport and loving riding wind swell big or small the glide and float i feel is an amazing feeling but I learned a few things.


The right gear set up, in the beginning, is key.

Understanding the expectations of the conditions you are in make a huge difference.

The technique is everything or you can do the same thing wrong over and over.

Bigger volume boards are easy!

Being able to talk with others and work through problems is the most helpful.

Being HYDRATED be for you go helps stamina as you are going to get one hell of a workout!

Anyway, I wanted to provide a Forum that we could use based out of Florida but can be used around the world. 


The reason is at the end of the day good or bad we all want a session and enjoy the water. That's the real goal!

Did I mention I have and will also provide some free rum each month after your sessions!

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