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7 Useful Tips Before Starting Wing Surfing

Wing surfing is a water sport that includes riding and gliding on the wing foil board or using any SUP with an inflatable wing surfing kite that offers help in sailing. Wing surfing is a very calm sport as compared to other water sports, as it requires no high jumping or fast riding.

This water sport has gained popularity in the last few years as it is a blend of wing foiling and windsurfing. Wing surfing is somehow related to hydrofoiling as a hydrofoiling board with an inflatable wing surfing wing is used.

Wing surfing is a safer yet the most enjoyable water sport, but the least condition for this water sport is that the person must know how to swim. If you are planning to learn wing surfing then you must enroll in the nearest wing surfing school in Florida to learn about the techniques and skilled wing surfing lessons. Let’s dig down this article till the end to find out the top 7 useful tips before starting wing surfing.

Top 7 useful before starting wing surfing

Here are the 7 best tips for you to follow before starting wing surfing, let’s get into the below information to find out!

Board size

Getting the right board is the crucial step while looking for the wing surfing equipment as it directly affects the performance of the wing surfing practice. You must get your wing surfing board according to your height and weight as some boards are not suitable for the 6 feet person but are suitable for the thin and short-heighten person. So choose your wing surfing board wisely.

Connect the board strap with the belt

Wear a basic belt and connect the board strap there instead of attaching it to the ankle or getting tangled in it constantly. The strap is kept out of the line and may be easily untangled by slipping it across the belt.


Before starting the wing surfing you must focus on the wing and board pumping to get the full-powered equipment before starting practice. This will assist when the board will go slightly off or downwind, keep the wing at a comfortable distance for the board like at the 45 degrees between board and wing. It helps in getting the dragging board toward the wing whenever you pump.

Straight your arm and stand tall

The posture of wing surfing is extremely similar to windsurfing, first of all, it is simple to ride while keeping the arms and legs extended and the body stiff. In this position, you will have very less control over the wing surfing board which will make your body tense. So better to keep the arms straight and stand tall, as it will help in better wing surfing with a balanced weight.

Wing upwind

You have to maintain the proper stance which includes back shoulders and forward hips with straight arms, then release the wing from your backhand, and then the wing becomes light enough to deal with while on wing surfing.

Carving turns

Wing surfing might be challenging while making carve turns, doing tacks technique and maintaining the feet position on the board is the only essential thing in the wing surfing. Try to apply the light pressure on the rail that assists in spinning the board while tacking.

Foot change

In wing surfing, foot change is the essential step, so pop up the board for raising it and changing the position of the feet, keep your weight on the above side that helps in pushing the board forward. Shift your weight slightly so that it will assist in maintaining and changing the foot's position gracefully.

The above techniques are the best ways to have a successful wing surfing experience or else you can get to know about wing surfing and the equipment needed for it.

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