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How Much It Costs To Start Kitesurfing?

Learning a new water sport is a whole new kind of adventure and excitement for the aqua sports lover. Kitesurfing is listed as the best water sport for all beginners and professionals. This water sport is now listed as the latest and emerging sport that blends wing foiling and kiteboarding.

But for beginners it might not be easy to get the kitesurfing kit, so you can also explore the wing foiling forum to get the used kitesurfing equipment that will cost you comparatively less than the new one. We have arranged the detailed information for you about; how much it costs to start kitesurfing? Let’s delve into this article to find out about it.

Kitesurfing Lessons Cost In Florida

Getting lessons for kitesurfing is the best way to excel in this sport, learning on your own might be dangerous for you so for a better experience, get kitesurfing lessons from the kitesurfing schools. You can look for a kitesurfing school by exploring the kitesurfing lessons near me.

There are numerous schools for kitesurfing in Florida that offer the best lessons at an affordable cost. Kitesurfing lessons in Florida might cost you around $200 to $800 or above, a tip for you to get your kitesurfing lessons in the post-kitesurfing season in Florida.

Kitesurfing Equipment Cost

Cost is likely the biggest barrier for most individuals wanting to explore kitesurfing, ahead of learning experience and safety. This sport is well-known for having a significant immediate financial barrier to entry.

The kitesurfing setup cost might be different from brand to brand, you need to have a minimum size of kites that will cost you around $500 to $1000. A kitesurfing board that might be $400 to $600, a harness between $80 to $200, a kite pump, and a kitesurfing impact vest will cost you nearly $300. So, for getting the kitesurfing equipment you must have a total budget of $2500 to $3000.

Kite Cost

For the kitesurfing you must get information about your kitesurfing equipment from your instructor, however, you can get the kite with or without the control bar and the price varies accordingly. For the brand new kite, you must have $1500 to $2000 to get the kite with the control bar, and for the kite, without the control bar, you just have to pay $800.

Kitesurfing Board

The size of the kitesurfing board depends on the height, and weight of the person, the kitesurfing schools usually prefer to use a board that is 1.6 to 1,8 meters. Using a bigger board is the easier way to surf on the water waves, however, you can get a 1.35 meters or 1.55 meters board that works smoothly on the water.


A wetsuit is also an important part of a kit in kitesurfing. You can get the wetsuit with dryers & hangers. A comfortable wetsuit helps you in experiencing smooth kitesurfing.

Impact Vest

An impact vest is not like a life jacket, but it helps in floating as this impact jacket helps you in keeping safe if you are surfing on the real hard water waves or any other, unlike situation. You can get the new impact jacket for around $80 to $150 and if you are looking for the used impact vest then it will cost you around $50.

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