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What Is Kiteboarding?


Water sport is not very prominent yet the best type of sport for everyone that will not spirit you up but it will also make your mood better. Water sport has a great positive impact on your physical and mental health as well as will improve your metabolism. Not only due to the adrenaline rush, but water sports also reduce the chances of any chronic diseases and make you healthy and fit.

You are in Florida and want to do fun things? Kiteboarding in Florida is one of the best ways to have exciting fun and the Florida state discussion board will let you know the best and right way of having fun while kiteboarding. You can also leave a message on the key west message board so the people and the experts will give you useful pieces of advice regarding kiteboarding. So, let’s delve into to find out what kiteboarding is, what you need for kiteboarding, and where you can go kiteboarding in Florida.

What is Kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding also known as kitesurfing is a sailing water sport that saddles the wind power with a handleable kite that propels across the water. The surfer stands on the board and holding a controllable kite in the water seems like flying on the water.

There are different types of kiteboarding totally depending on the surfer, and which style they want to adopt. Freestyle kiteboarding, surf freestyle kitesurfing, brake style, kite foiling, wing boarding, and many others are the styles of kiteboarding.

Basic Equipment For Kiteboarding

The basic equipment required for the kiteboarding is as follows

  • Kites

Kites for kiteboarding are of different sizes and it depends on the surfer what type and size of kite they need. Generally, 5 to 12 meters kite size is mostly used as well as kites are of two kinds, inflatable, and foil kites. Inflatable kites are inflated with the help of a pump whereas foil kites are inflated by the air cells.

  • Board

Twin tips boards are required for the kiteboarding as the board must be symmetrically in the right direction that will let the surfer point in the perfect direction. Kite foil boards are also known as the hydrofoil kiteboard, a wide and large board is useful for kiteboarding that will need less power for propelling, also if you are a beginner then a wide board is best for you.

  • Harness, bar, and lines

Lines are the essential equipment for the kiteboarding as they will join the control bar with the kite, usually, the line is 15 to 30 meters.

Control bars are made up of the metal that will control the kite and allow the surfer to move it clockwise and anti-clockwise.

The harness is the equipment that attaches the line with the kite, as well as many other accessories like a pump for inflating, helmet and wetsuit.

Kite foil may cost you expensive so if you are in Florida for a visit then better not to spend your bucks, but you can use the used kite foil. Explore our forum and find out the places where you can get a new kite foil board or used kite foil.

A complete kiteboarding kit costs around 3500$ to 4500$. But you can also opt for a used kiteboarding kit for sale. In Florida, the kiteboarding schools at Lake Garda, Soma bay, and Boavista also rent out kiteboarding equipment for an hour to several days.

Hence you don’t have to invest hefty amounts into buying your equipment. Booking of equipment is also possible. If you rent the equipment they will also keep an eye on you and 2 to 3 boats are available to rescue the surfers in case they meet any accident.

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