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Water Level Of Lake Lanier

Water Level Of Lake Lanier

In the southeastern side of the United States, the most famous Lake Lanier is located surrounded by the greenery and rigid mountains of the Georgia State. The popular Chattahoochee and Chestatee rivers fall in Lake Lanier and all the magical rain falls, and waterfalls on the mountain make their way down to Lake Lanier.

Lake Lanier is the best recreational place for anyone interested in watersports and fun. People visit this place every year as this place offers numerous activities which include boating, camping, fishing, wing foiling, windsurfing, water skiing, and kayaking. Apart from all the water sports, this recreational spot has the facilities for golfing and swimming, and with 45 parks and numerous campgrounds, this place is a favorite spot for all the tourists visiting the United States.

However, you can explore the wing foiling discussion forum to know more about Lake Lanier and what other activities you can do at this recreational place. But before all this, you must have an idea about the water level of the lake lanier. So, without any further delay let’s delve into it.

Water Level Of Lake Lanier -Let’s Find Out!

Lake Sidney Lanier is also known as the Lake Lanier created after the completion of the Buford Dam and encircled about 38,000 acres and almost 150 Kilometer Square water at the 692 miles of coastline at the average level.

On the 22nd November of 2007 set the low record of water level at almost 1052.34 feet but after the Christmas events in December, the water level of Lake Lanier started rising. In the next year, 2008, the Lake Lanier water level rises (1052.8 feet) high above as compared to the low record water level which is 1052.7 feet. However, after this the lake lanier water level stabilized for a long time, the Lake Lanier had a rise in the water level in the mid of 2009 and exceeded 1066 feet. The increase in the water level of the lake liner never stopped and in October 2009 it rose high above 1071 feet.

Now, after the gradual and consistent fall and rise in the water level of the lake lanier, the lake has returned to the full summer pool of almost 1071 feet. Also, this lake is 160 feet deeper near the Buford Dam and this lake splits into numerous valleys and other small fillings.

Is Lake Lanier suitable for water sports?

Lake Lanier is suitable enough for any water sport, but there are some limitations about the time and place indicating when and where you can do the activities.

Van Pugh Park is the best place for water sports activities in Georgia State because this fun place is windy enough from all directions and is highly suitable for windsurfing and wing foiling.

If you are planning to visit Lake lanier and van Pugh park then September to May is the best time for you as the winds are not very cold and it makes the windsurfing, paddleboarding, wing foiling, and all other activities. Also, another benefit of windsurfing at this time is that there are a lot of people in the summer that rush out, so visiting from September to May may let you have proper fun with no traffic.

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