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What Is Wing SUP Boarding?


is the combination of all winging sports like wing surfing, Stand up paddleboarding, kiteboarding, and windsurfing. Wing SUP boarding is a new trendy water activity that has gained popularity in recent years, a standard SUP board or wing board is needed for this water sport. Wing foiling and SUP boarding is the part of this sport and utilize a hand-held mast with SUP board that stands well with the body posture and the inflatable wing has almost 10-12 knots that help in lifting above the water in the air.

Wing SUP boarding is the safest yet the most enjoyable water activity, this new sport attracts anybody who appreciates the water, from children to elders, and all the water athletes like surfers, paddle boarders, and sailors. It requires far less equipment than windsurfing and allows you to improve more rapidly. Wing boarding extreme sport consumes up a lesser area than kiteboarding, which brings up a lot of additional entry spots and doesn't demand an aided launching or landing.

How to choose the right equipment for wing SUP boarding?

If you are planning to do the wing SUP boarding then you must be careful about wing SUP boarding equipment; below we have enlisted the equipment you needed for the wing SUP boarding.

  • Wing

  • Pump

  • SUP board

  • Wetsuit

  • Foil Kit

  • SUP board and wing leash


Choosing the wing for the wing SUP boarding is the crucial step so you have to look into the features and their benefits that will help you a lot during wing SUP boarding. Here we are suggesting some wings and our thoughts about them.

Style and handle the size of the wing is much more important to go for the large handle for easy grabbing while wing SUP boarding. Windows in the wing look good but they only add weight and also affect the performance of the wing SUP boarding. Wing shape has a great impact on the performance so you should choose the one that is stable and good enough to handle the gusty conditions.

SUP board

For the wing SUP boarding, you must choose a board that is moderate in size and dimension, for the newbie you must look for a board that can withstand almost 80 kilos of weight. However, while looking for the board confirm the size and weight the board can bear.


You have to look for the top brands for foil; some are F-One, Moses, Naish, and Slingshot, as well the foil includes the mast, front and rear wing, and fuselage. The Mast must be about 75cm long and don’t choose aluminum as it will corrode rapidly, better to choose a carbon mast that is lighter in weight too.

Wing size must be around 1500-2500 centimeters, as well you should choose the inflatable portable wing that can be controlled easily when at a higher or lower speed.

Tips for wing SUP boarding

Here are some tips and tricks for you if you want to do wing SUP boarding

  • As a beginner, you should use one wing only to know about handling and posture stability.

  • Try to learn the wing SUP boarding behind a motorboat first, it will help you in mastering every step.

  • After practicing with one wing, attach the other wing and practice on the Wing SUP board, hang on the wing if you ever fall from the board.

  • Slowly stand upright and try to put your feet at the center of the board at a shoulder-width distance and then pump the foil accordingly.

There are wing boarding schools in Florida, you can explore the wing foiling forum to check the places that offer wing SUP boarding lessons. Also, you can search for the wing SUP boarding lessons near me to find the right school for yourself to learn about the wing SUP boarding.

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