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Wing Foil -A New Addictive Water Sport

In 2019, a new exceptionally interesting sport known as wing foiling emerged and took the world of water sports by storm. This is a combination of surfing, windsurfing and to some degree, kite surfing too. Although water surfing was practiced before, it was only after the development of sophisticated wing foils that the sport grew in popularity. Wing foiling is wind-powered floating on the surface of the water. Wing foiling combines wind foiling and normal water surfing.

Wing foiling offers phenomenal flexibility and one can engage in a wide gamut of fascinating water surfing activities. A wing foil is comprised of a handheld wing, a hydrofoil, and front and rear foil wings. The surfer can make the best use of wind power through a large inflatable wing using his hands. The sport has become exceedingly popular owing to the ease of using wing foils and the extraordinary entertainment associated with it. but before jumping to the heart of the article (how to do wing foiling) let’s get an idea about the parts of the wing foiling.

What are the types of equipment required for the wing foil?

At the heart of the wing, foil is a handheld wing that creates thrust and lift. The wing is connected to a surfboard on which the rider stands and the board is attached to a hydrofoil that usually remains underwater. Once the propeller (the wing) gives the wing foil a certain speed its foil generates lift just like the wings of an airplane do in the air. The board starts to hover over water and the rider is riding on the foil instead of the board which is now used to control directly through the foil. Hydrofoils have become popular as these allow water surfing even in less wind and that too with much less effort.

Board With Hydrofoil

What are the advantages of wing foiling?

Wing foils cost much less as a single wing is enough to take advantage of different wind speeds. Even in light wind, the surfers can gain the needed lift thanks to hydrofoils that’s why light wind wing foiling has given much flexibility in terms of wind speeds in which the activity can be performed. The sport also serves as a great exercise as it involves the whole body and does not require much strength that’s why it suits people of almost all weight groups. Wing foiling is thrilling and can be enjoyed even on small lakes regardless of wind speeds.

Best locations for wing foil learning -Let’s find out!

Key West chicken Wing Beach is a good spot and the water is also not too deep. You can ride fearlessly in shallow waters and get back to shore. Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg is also a good spot when wind speed is low. These are the top-rated spots for learning about the wing foiling.

Is wing foiling difficult? The short and sweet answer is with proper training it's not difficult at all. Now you may think about how to start wing foiling? Well, we have an answer to that too. Planet Allsports enjoys the prestige of being the first kite and surf school that offers wing foil training at Lake Garda, Soma bay, and Boavista. The school claims to turn beginners into water surfers in meticulously devised 4 steps. The training methodology gives safety paramount importance and trains the rookies gradually.

  • First of all, you are trained about handling the wing to take the maximum out of the available wind. Once you are adroit at steering the wing efficiently you will be able to surf even in low winds.

  • Secondly, the trainees are taken to shallow, smooth waters in low wind conditions to give them a much-needed real-time experience of handling the wing while surfing on water. You will have all the necessary personal protective equipment so that you learn with peace of mind.

  • In the next step, you will learn how to foil. This time propulsion is provided by a boat instead of a wing to keep the pace well controlled. It may take you some time to stabilize on water.

  • In the fourth and last step, you will wing foil yourself propelled by the wing. You will have the fascinating experience and feel of being a water surfer in real-life conditions.

The school also uses Bluetooth headsets to enable surfers to rectify their shortcomings by giving them instructions whilst they are onboard the wing foil. This improves the learning rate significantly. They have boards from renowned manufacturers such as North Kiteboarding and Ozone available which can also be rented to experience different designs of wing foils.

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