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Lake Lanier Hits New Record


The popular lake lanier is situated on the south side of the United States, this lake is located in Georgia state and is lined by green trees and mountains. Many rivers in the united states fall into Lake Lanier. This lake lanier is quite famous in the United States and people from all around the world visit this Lake Lanier for water activities and other recreational purposes.

People visit this spot for camping, boating, fishing, wing foiling, wakeboarding, jet skiing, and windsurfing. As well, tourists and locals come to this spot for golfing, swimming, and recreation as this lake is surrounded by the 45 parks and campgrounds that fascinate the people.

If you are wondering about the lake lanier map, so the lake lanier depth is around 60 feet, has 38,000 acres has almost 150 kilometers of square water, which is about 692 miles of coast from the average level. The water level of Lake Lanier is about 1050 feet high in October 2009, however, now the water level of lake lanier has made new turns. Keep on reading to find out about the lake lanier hits new record.

Lake Lanier Hits New Record -Causing Flood

The lake lanier water temperature throughout the year remains around cold and about 44-46 Fahrenheit, however during summer it might exceed the 70 - 80 Fahrenheit. People visiting the Lake Lanier for water sport must have a mind mapper to know about the conditions are suitable for sport or not. The lake Allatoona water temperature is bit nearly the same as the lake lanier water temperature, however, the water level of Allatoona lake is about 840 feet.

Recently the water level of lake lanier has swollen up and set up a new record, which also caused a serious threat of flood. The water level of the lake lanier was once raised in 1977 and then it remains 1050 feet till 2007, which was also the reason for drought in the town that lasted about years till 2009.

Now the risk is posing for the locals with the sudden rise in the water level of the lake lanier, and so this lake lanier water level is 1075.11 feet that are setting records because the highest water level of lake lanier was recorded in 1977.

People visiting this lake face difficulties during wing foiling, wakeboarding, foil surfing, and many other water activities because of tree logs and docks floating on the water. The Army Corps has managed somehow to stable the water level of lake lanier by feeding the water into the Burford dam, and now the River Chattahoochee level is a bit beneath the flood stage.

Now, after the lake is just below the flood stage, all the water activities for all the locals and tourists are stopped no, because the very high flow with exceeding water level of lake lanier is a serious life threat for all the locals and visitors.

Now, the Army Corps has decided to rush all the exceeding-level water into the Burford Dam, but with the rise in the water level, the Chattahoochee river’s banks are facing high erosions threats that might make the river deteriorate.

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